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Dental Cosmetic Surgery Cost

If you prefer the look of a whiter smile, we can get you that with Lumineers. Invisalign is just one brand of invisible braces you can get from your dentist. People who are about to graduate high school or college may want to have their teeth cleaned before graduation pictures. If you drink a lot of soda, be sure to brush after you drink it.

When you have dental braces, you will need to wear them for several months without taking them out. Decayed teeth can give you bad breath and eventually infect your gums. Our talented dentist can take care of everyone in your family, even senior citizens. Clearing your teeth and gums from plaque may include a root planing treatment.

When weak spots form on a previously healthy tooth, an infection can cause the tooth to have a cavity. If you are missing a tooth, come to see what your options are.